Public Sector

Strengthening Governance decisions on fundaments of study, measurements, private-paring, civil dialogues, commissions participations. Bleu-prints for migration of existing procedures. This all in an industrial green marketing environment.

Market research into the needs of the clients and the users of inland waterways.

  • Research into the eligible Belgian companies - Methods to encourage the dialogue between traders, transporters and companies – Definition of problems & goals for the inland shipping of agricultural, mineral, metal & petrol products.
  • Examination of the possibilities for container transport, industrial and household waste.
  • Analytical market research of the product, price, distribution and promotion of inland shipping traffic.

Inland shipping marketing plan

  • Proposal for reorganising the market structure and methods to renewing commercial methods and input for authorities with regard to support methods for the inland shipping sector.

Establishment of a commercial prospection unit for inland shipping

  • Establishment of “vzw Promotie Binnenvaart Vlaanderen”, budget planning, action plan, promotion plan, recruitment, day-to-day management, external communication.

Marketing management for “vzw Promotie Binnenvaart Vlaanderen”

  • Run and grow the organisation.
  • Board membership.

Providing expert advice on inland shipping for the European Community (DG Mobility and Transport and DG Telecommunications, Information Market and Exploitation of Research).



Branding pharmaceutical lines and individual products is demanding a strong market knowledge and a studied positioning in the market between its competitor’s. Positioning and solid introduction by doing is our major motivation.

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