Branding pharmaceutical lines and individual products is demanding a strong market knowledge and a studied positioning in the market between its competitor’s. Positioning and solid introduction by doing is our major motivation.

Introduction process per country:

Market Research & Analysis based on:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

SWOT analyses. Quantifying and interpreting data to define a marketing strategy. Marketing plan and financial budgeting for 1,2,3,...5 years. Legal registration. Implementation of strategy.

Daily operations: sales, logistics, accounting. Periodical evaluation and reporting

produits rhinicur
papillon nasal


Ecomar introduces new cosmetic brands in the Benelux market. It revitalises also existing brands looking for a new focus on the market.

Ecomar’s networking and expertise specialist situated in the field of the professional cosmetic entities: beauty salons, wellness centers, medico-beauty clinics as well as the consumer oriented sales points: boutiques, perfumeries, make-up studio’s, drugstores…

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