Who is Ecomar

Who is Ecomar

EcomarBelgian company founded in 1991 by Jan Welsch

After having  worked in mining company as and having lead the transport by water project for the ministery of communication of Belgium, Jan decided to found ECOMAR

First idea was to offer services into marketing researches area

Very rapidly he was asked to take care of the logistics of Puracos, a company active in the distribution of cosmetics and make up products for professionals.

In 2012 Ecomar was choosen by Siemens & Co to introduce their brands in the BENELUX, France markets.  But also in Marocco and Tunesia.

Nowadays, Ecomar is still working with these partners but want to offer its services to belgian, european of foreign labo's for introducing new brands in BENELUX/FRANCE or to export to North African countries